Lebron Apologizes to Neighbors for Media Circus By Sending Cupcakes (Photo)



From the media trucks lining the streets, to Cleveland fans camped outside clamoring to catch a glimpse of their prodigal son, Lebron James knows that things on his Akron street haven’t been normal since news broke that he was taking his talents back to the Cavaliers. So, what does the King do? He apologizes to his neighbors by sending them cupcakes from a local bakery.

The card that accompanied the sweet treat read:

“Dear Friend,” read a card that came with the treats. “We know things have been hectic in our neighborhood these past few weeks and we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you.”

The card noted that the two kinds of cupcakes in the box were originally devised for James’ foundation. Each box contained six “Just A Kid From Akron Cherry Cola” cupcakes and six “Homecourt Chocolate Chunk” cupcakes.

The neighbors loved the gesture and said they were some of the best cupcakes they’d ever had.

Classy act by Lebron.  Props.

H/T: ESPNBleacher Report