Man Assaults GF’s Pet Rabbit After She Breaks Up With Him (Mugshot)

James W. Wertz

Tough rabbit, because it survived the beating.

Police say a Boynton Beach man argued with his girlfriend over women’s rights, then violently attacked her rabbit when she said she wanted to end the relationship.

According to an arrest report, when the woman retreated to a bedroom to end the argument she heard a high-pitched screaming coming from the apartment’s living room. She told police she went to the living room and saw her boyfriend James W. Wertz, 28, abusing her pet rabbit by squeezing and punching it. She said he was hitting the rabbit so hard that blood was coming from its face.

When the woman tried to get Wertz to stop, she said he became enraged. She tried calling 9-1-1 and he threw her across the room, she said. He then grabbed a shirt and left, according to the report.

Wertz was charged with Battery and Animal Cruelty.

H/T CBS 12

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  • I mean seriously. Why do y’all post shit like this on a sports website?

  • I agree with Mark. Especially when rabbit beating seems to be entirely a White Sport XD

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