Mark Jackson Preaching on a Street Corner (Video)

Mark Jackson Preaching

Mark Jackson is known to be a strong Christian who shared his beliefs with players during his time as the Warriors head coach.

He has also been a Pastor as True Love Worship Center. He went out and did some preaching on the corner as part of World Vision Day. I really don’t have a problem with Jackson doing this, but it is worth noting that there were reports that many were put off in the Warriors organization by this sort of thing.

Check out the video below.

One thought on “Mark Jackson Preaching on a Street Corner (Video)

  • As a Christian, Mark Jackson knows that his faith and devotion to God is above ALL. It’s unfortunate that people insist that we should be tolerant to all things when it comes to GLBT issues but people are rejected and vilified for preaching the gospel. I commend him for being faithful to his call to spread the gospel.

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