Maverick Carter Says Inner Circle Didn’t Influence LeBron’s Decision


One of LeBron James’ main confidantes is finally speaking on James’ decision to return to Cleveland. Maverick Carter has been one of James’ main influencers in shaping his career over the years, and he’s saying that contrary to popular belief, it was James’ decision alone to return to Cleveland with no outside influence from friends or family.

“This was a decision that LeBron made in his heart. We didn’t push him to do it. We don’t push him to do anything. If he asks our opinion or what did we think about the the pros and the cons, we help him think through it. We don’t push him.

... LeBron’s a 29-year-old man with lots of money, got a wife, two kids, one on the way. He makes his own decisions.”

However, Carter did offer some input as to how he thinks may have been different for LeBron had the Heat defeated the Spurs to win a third consecutive title.

“Logic says how could he not,” Carter said. “You’ve got to go for four. But who knows. The decision about Cleveland was bigger than basketball. It was in his heart.”

It should be noted that Carter also signed another notable Cleveland athlete. Johnny Manziel signed to Carter’s company, LRMR, back in January. If Manziel proves his worth in Cleveland, then Carter will be noted for creating sports dynasties in Cleveland, even though he vehemently denies any involvement in bringing James back to Cleveland.

[h/t Bleacher Report, ESPN]