Mayweather v Maidana II Press Tour Scheduled For 5 Cities

Mayweather Fight LAs Vegas

Floyd Mayweather is going all out for his rematch with Marcos Maidana. The last fight barely generated a buzz heading into the May fight, but this is the first time Mayweather Promotions will operate as it’s own entity alongside Golden Boy and Floyd is making sure the fight is a success.

A 5 city press tour was announced earlier today, which will allow fans to come out and see the fighters anwers questions and stand toe-to-toe. The 5-city press tour will include stops in New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Antonio, and Los Angeles. The tour will begin on Monday and end on Thursday in LA.

Maidana put up just good enough of a fight to make fans believe that Floyd is in true danger of losing and this fight should eclipse their first in terms of hype and profit.

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  • He wont be getting my money this time. Mayweather is a fraud.

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