Miami Unveil “Juice” & “Splurge” Helmets (Photo)


The Miami Hurricanes unveiled their new helmets to match the uniform combinations that they introduced in April. If you’ve ever been to the city of Miami, then you know that these loud and boisterous colors are a pretty good representation of the city, and since the school is an extension of the city, then I guess this will work for the Canes.

Now the bigger question is will these helmets help the team win? Probably not, and let’s not forget the urge to burst into the Conga song by Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine every time I look at them.

[h/t Yahoo Sports]

One thought on “Miami Unveil “Juice” & “Splurge” Helmets (Photo)

  • Everybody is copying off of the Oregon Ducks. It’s really interesting so many teams are copying off a team that never won a national championship.

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