NBA Offers Isaiah Austin A Job After Graduation

IsaiahAustin, LuckAfter being diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, Baylor star Isaiah Austin, dream of becoming a professional NBA player was suddenly out of his grasp.  When the NBA found out the news of Austin, NBA commissioner Adam Silver did something very admirable, he drafted Austin and helped him live at least part of his dream; but it doesn’t end there. While Austin may not be able to play on the court, he’s dreams of being affiliated with the NBA just got a little brighter. According to TMZ, they caught up with Austin and he shared a little bit of good news.


Isaiah Austin — the projected 1st rounder who’s dream to play in the NBA was dashed when he was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome — tells TMZ Sports he’s got an NBA job lined up … just as soon as he gets his college degree. 

The 20-year-old former college superstar was in D.C. yesterday and told us he’s even more motivated to go back to Baylor University in August to finish up his classes … after a conversation with NBA Commish Adam Silver. 

Adam Silver has done an amazing job so far with his new responsibility of the NBA. Offering this young man with a job is something he didn’t have to do but we are all glad he did. Who knows, while he might not be able to play he could take over a team’s front office!