New 49ers Stadium to Deliver Food to Fans Via GPS

Levi Stadium

NFL stadiums are pulling out all the stops in order to accommodate fans who attend games. The latest convenience is not having to fight the lines at the concession stand.

49ers’ new Levi Stadium will feature a function that will allow attendees to have food delivered to their seats through the use of GPS tracking.


The 49ers will be the first in the league to offer in-seat delivery to every fan at Levi’s Stadium, Guido said. The team will use mobile technology and GPS tracking to locate fans and deliver orders to each seat. Every concession stand also will have an express pickup for those who want to order in advance and don’t want to wait.

With amenities like this, it’s not surprising that San Fran has already sold out of its season ticket inventory. It’s amazing what new things these teams are coming up with to attract fans.