NY Daily News Trolls Jason Kidd Departure From Brooklyn (Photo)


Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets

New Milwaukee Bucks head coach, Jason Kidd’s time coaching in Brooklyn was short lived and ended on a bit of a “different” note, so it stands to reason that the reputable New York media would toss a barb his direction, on his way out of the door to his new gig. Check out the back page of the New York Daily News this morning:

While the move Kidd made will be scrutinized for years to come (unless he wins immediately), I personally can’t blame him. Yes, he may be seen as greedy, but, if your peers were getting paid almost double what you were and you had the opportunity to even up the playing field a bit, you wouldn’t? Not to mention the treasure trove of young talent Kidd will now be able to mold and work with in Milwaukee, opposite of the veteran-laden roster with sky-high expectations he’s leaving in Brooklyn.

[h/t Bleacher Report]