OU Removes Joe Mixon from Team Activities


Since it was first reported that Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon was involved in an altercation where he punched a 20-year old female out and broke her face, the speculation into the incident wasn’t looking too good for the freshman phenom. Mixon was a 5-star recruit who opted to attend Oklahoma, so the expectation was already high for him. Unfortunately, after a night of fun celebrating his 18th birthday, Mixon found himself in a situation that could possibly change his future in the NCAA forever.

The OU athletic department issued a statement Wednesday regarding Mixon’s current status with the football team.

“Joe Mixon is not reporting for team activities at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

This may sound like a suspension, but according to Mixon’s attorney, this isn’t the case.

“Our understanding is he is not being suspended, he is being held out of activities pending the conclusion of the investigation. I believe that is University of Oklahoma policy, and he is being treated as would any student-athlete.”

Mixon’s definite future with the team remains to be seen, but with all the controversy over violence towards women of late, the court of public opinion isn’t sparing any excuses for highly touted recruit. According to the 911 call, Mixon also fled the scene. However, according to Mixon’s attorney, his client acted only in self-defense. The investigation continues into what exactly did happen at Pickleman’s that night in Norman, but for now, the school appears to be distancing themselves from Mixon.

[h/t The Oklahoman]