Pirates’ Josh Harrison Jukes Entire Rockies Infield Avoiding Rundown (Video)

Josh Harrison

Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Josh Harrison might want to try out for running back when he’s finished with baseball.

While this sequence of base running was truly amazing; it wasn’t to be in vain. Harrison went 4-6 on the night against the Colorado Rockies, helping to propel them to a 7-5 victory. The breathtaking rundown didn’t happen until the sixth inning.

Rockies manager Walt Weiss challenged that Harrison was safe, however a official review showed the call of the field was correct. Harrison explained how he made the play during his postgame interview:

“As I got off, I was like ‘It’s easy for me to try to make something happen as opposed to trying to reach back to second because he was right there.’ And something happened,” Harrison said. “More and more I go into it, I was able to kind of set up some moves to where I might be able to be safe.”

This isn’t the first time Harrison has made awe-inspiring plays while seemingly in trouble baserunning. The entire New York Mets infield last fell victim to the embarrassing highlights. See video below:

Let’s hope the Rockies training staff had ample ice packs on hand to deal with catcher Wilin Rosario’s ankles, which looked to have almost snapped like chinese chopsticks.

[h/t MLB.com]