Rashad McCants Says He’s Getting $310M From UNC, NCAA


The Rashad McCants saga gets better by the day.

The former UNC Tar Heels guard was a guest on on Mary Parker’s SiriusXM radio show along with former UNC learning specialist Mary Willingham.  

McCants stated that he and Roy Williams had no relationship and that neither the school nor the NCAA had reached out to him about his comments regarding the academic scandal at the university.

“I’m still waiting on that,” McCants said. “And UNC hasn’t reached out to me, and neither has the NCAA. But we have strategic plans in place to really make some strides and get the awareness out for the people who don’t know anything about what’s really going on.”

Here’s where the interview went weird.   McCants told Mary Parker that both UNC and the NCAA were going to be cutting him a check.

UNC would give McCants $10 million for exploiting him and the NCAA would be giving the mercurial former Tar Heel a check for $300 million so he can help change sports education programs across the country.

“The question is what are we talking about, honestly. I mean I have a check being written to me from the University of North Carolina for over $10 million due to the exploitation of me as a player and the lack of education that I received. The NCAA has a check for me for over $300 million to help me facilitate these sports education programs across the country. These are things that’s in the works.”