Ravens Jimmy Smith Arrested for Arguing About Unconscious Woman in Bathroom



So, a woman is passed out in the Green Turtle bathroom in Baltimore. Jimmy Smith is trying to help her when police arrive.

The follow exchange then takes place according to police.

According to the police report, Smith was told that because he wasn’t related to the woman and wasn’t helping her that he needed to leave so that medical personnel could attend to her and Smith replied: “I am helping her.”

According to the police report, Smith was asked three times by an officer to leave the restroom before being ushered out to the hallway. Smith allegedly cursed at the arresting officer and asked him “What the [expletive] are you gonna do?” When told again to leave, Smith replied: [Expletive] you. What the [expletive] are you gonna do?”

According to the police report, Smith said he and the woman had done a photoshoot earlier in the evening. Police say Smith told the officers, “The only reason you arrested me is so you could get on the news.”

That all sounds about right.

Smith is the 5th Ravens player to be arrested since the season ended.

H/T Bleacher Report


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