Ray Allen Lectures Fans on Social Media, But Forgot About His Failed DM


Chris Bosh Ray Allen

Ray Allen decided to make an Instagram post about Orange Juice and use it to make a point about Social Media.

I post a picture about orange juice and all you guys care about is to talk about basketball. There is more to life. Don’t be one track minded people. People comment that athletes only post about meaningless things but when we do Noone or even has anything good to add. Don’t just use social media to talk trash or to argue with people. Use it to grow and learn. When I decide what to do it will be what is best for my family and no one else. I appreciate all of your concerns.

Some solid point, but if you wonder why Jesus isn’t on Twitter giving you such wisdom, let me refresh your memory.

Many years ago, Jesus who is married made the fatal mistake of Tweeting to his timeline a message that was suppose to be a DM.

Ray Allen DM

Ray said he was hacked and never tweeted again.

H/T Bleacher Report


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