Report: Bosh Will Sign With Rockets if LeBron Leaves Heat


LeBron James has made no decision as to where he will be playing, and restricted free agent Chandler Parsons has agreed to sign with Mavs at the sum of more than $45 million according to sources. Parsons is expected to sign his contract with the Mavs early Thursday morning. Meanwhile Chris Bosh has quietly floated under the radar after being offered a max contract by the Rockets.

Since Parsons is a restricted free agent, the Rockets have until three days after he signs with the Mavs to match his contract. However, the Rockets will lose the cap space necessary to sign Chris Bosh if they match Parson’s Mavs offer. If the Rockets manage to sign Bosh before they have to match Parsons’ offer, then two trades involving Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin would clear up the cap space necessary for Bosh and Parsons to coexist on the team.

This all sounds great in theory, but clearing up cap space for high priced players doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for the necessary role players. Meanwhile, sources are claiming that Bosh is ready to head to Houston if LeBron leaves the Heat. Things aren’t looking too sunny on South Beach if all of this comes together.

[h/t ESPN, Twitter]