Report: Cavaliers vs Spurs To Be 2014-15 NBA Season Opener

LeBron Duncan Cavaliers Spurs July 2014


With LeBron James returning to Cleveland, the Cavaliers are expected to have a lot of their games televised nationally again. It looks like the 2014-15 NBA season-opener will be set to be one epic game that features LeBron’s Cavs.

According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, it looks like the season-opener for next season will be between the Cavaliers and the San Antonio Spurs. The new schedule for the upcoming season won’t be unveiled until next month, but the speculation is running wild.

It would be an interesting matchup since James’ main foe has always been the Spurs. He’s 1-2 against San Antonio in the NBA Finals, with most of his success against them was when he was on the Miami Heat. Now we’ll see what he can do against the Spurs with him back in Cleveland.

The NBA did a similar thing when the Heat’s Big Three formed in 2010. For the season-opener, James and the Heat faced the Boston Celtics, a team James had struggled against at the time. With that, a Cavs-Spurs season-opener makes sense by the NBA.

Don’t be surprised if it happens, folks.

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  • I’d rather see Cavs-Heat as the opener.

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