Report: Dez Bryant Upset in Parking Lot Over Tyron Smith’s Deal


Dez Bryant

Dez’s wants to get paid.

Dez’s numbers dictate that he should be paid like a Top 5 wide receiver in the NFL.

Cowboys give a teammate almost $100 million extension.

Dez is happy for his teammate.

Dez’s allegedly isn’t happy though his deal isn’t getting done any time soon and his frustrations boiled over in the parking lot according to Greg Simmons of KSAT.

Dez has a question for Mr. Simmons.

I add the obligatory Stone Cold Steve Austin video.

Dez’s extension will get done at some point, but you have to wonder if it was wise for the Cowboys to do Smith’s extension first. Maybe they should taking care of Dez so his emotions and focus would be strictly on the field and not on his contract.

Hopefully, Dez is just blowing off some steam and that will be it.


  1. Dez Bryant is an overhyped, underachieving thug playing for da Boyz in da Hood. Boyz will be lucky to go 3 or 4 wins this year. Jags, Rams, Titans and maybe Houston.

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