Report: Kyrie Irving Makes Pitch to LeBron James


It seems that Cavs star point guard Kyrie Irving has quietly gone about pitching a return to Cleveland to LeBron James.  According to the report, Irving  reached out to James and told him the team would give him all the help he needs.

The Cavs are extremely attractive with Irving and Andrew Wiggins in the fold now, and James agent has reportedly tried to sway hin into a return to Cleveland.

2 thoughts on “Report: Kyrie Irving Makes Pitch to LeBron James

  • Lebron would be a fool to go back to the racist owner who insulted him! He would lose alot of respect in the black community! Dan Gilbert does not like or respect Lebron so why shoud Lebron play for him! I believe he should stay in Miami, get his max contract and build a championship team in South Beach.

  • Okay, I get Gilbert should not have posted his feelings. He should have sat, on it for awhile. Are we not all guilty at times of saying things we regret when we’re angry? He is a racist, why? Because Jesse Jackson called him a slave owner?!? This is another reason why racism still exists today. I could care less where LeBron goes but go educate yourself before commenting straight garbage…

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