Report: P.J. Hairston’s Agent Is Not Certified


The Sporting News’ Kami Mattioli is reporting that the agent for Hornets rookie guard PJ Hairston is not actually certified by the National Basketball Players Association.

Juan Morrow, identifies himself as a certified agent, but NBA players association says otherwise. 

In fact, Robert Gadson, director of the NBPA’s Security and Agent Administration Department told Sporting News on Thursday that there is “no record of a Juan Morrow in (the NBPA’s) files, nor is there record of an applicant by that name.”

Sporting News reached out to Morrow for comment, but the phone call was not returned.

Sporting News’ attempt to contact Hairston through Upside Media Group also was unsuccessful.

The Hornets could be fined $50,000 for the error, and Hairston’s contract could be voided because of the issue.

Article XXXVI of the CBA states: “The NBA shall impose a fine of $50,000 upon any Team that negotiates a Player Contract with an agent or representative not certified by the Players Association in accordance with the Players Association’s Agent Regulation Program if, at the time of such negotiations, such Team either (a) knows that such agent or representative has not been so certified, or (b) fails to make reasonable inquiry of the NBA as to whether such agent or representative has been so certified.”