Robert Horry “I Hate AAU Basketball” (Video)

Horry, Luck

7 time champion, Robert Horry is not happy with AAU Basketball. Matter of fact, he hates it.

Seems like Horry’s rant is more personal because he doesn’t feel his son is benefiting from fundamental basketball. My question to Horry is, why not step in and coach or find someone who can? Horry isn’t the only NBA star to complain about AAU basketball, Kobe has said that he’s glad he missed it in America. If  people have such a huge problem with a program, especially a community program, fix it. Become apart of the solution instead of adding fuel to the fire. I’m sure Horry has a little bit of weight he can throw around to make sure his son is coached to his liking or how  a child is supposed to learn basketball.