Rush Limbaugh Says Ray Rice’s KO Not That Bad Because GF Married Him


You can’t dance around the fact Janay Palmer married Ray Rice after he knocked her unconscious. Why she married her, we can only speculate, only she knows.

People like Keith Olbermann believe it is battered woman syndrome and that is also the reason why she begged Roger Goodell for a light sentence. Rush Limbaugh has a different outlook on it via

“Well, how bad could it have been if she said yes to the proposal?” Limbaugh said. “How bad could the guy be if she went ahead and married him?”

Limbaugh later suggested that perhaps Palmer went through with the marriage because of everything that accompanies being married to an NFL player. “NFL, big bucks, fame, maybe worth a hit to the jaw,” Limbaugh said.

Being perfectly blunt, Limbaugh’s opinion is shared by others, how many that is up for debate.  You can’t sugarcoat what he said and just slide it under the table. That is a question that is lingering out there, is if Ray Rice is a monster why did she go through with the marriage?

Maybe Olbermann is right, because she wouldn’t be the first battered woman to stand by her man. Maybe, Limbaugh is right, she doesn’t want to lose the lifestyle. We simply don’t know, only Janay Palmer knows and unless she is willing to share, all we can do as preach that everyone should keep their hands to themselves.

Domestic violence regardless if it is a man or woman committing it is wrong.

3 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Says Ray Rice’s KO Not That Bad Because GF Married Him

  • Man white people are so racist. Stephen A Smith gets suspension for what he says Rush says something and its freedom of speech smh

  • How is Rush getting away with this? Somebody tweet Michelle maybe she can handle this because Robert isn’t gonna do anything about it.

  • I wonder would Rush have the same comments if Janay Palmer was a white woman…….somehow I doubt it

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