Sergio Martinez Decides Not to Retire From Boxing


Boxers rarely walk away from the sport on a high note. Normally, they hang around way past their prime until literally no one will fight them anymore.

Sergio Martinez probably should retire, because his body is telling him to retire, but his mind has told him that the Cotto fight was just a bad night, so he will fight on. Here is the story via ESPN.

“Miguel De Pablos (Martinez’s business manager) and I met with Sergio at his home in Madrid and he says he is 100 percent healthy and ready to do what it takes to return to the very top of boxing,” Lewkowicz said. “Against Cotto, Sergio was badly hurt in the opening round from the first left hook that landed. After that, he remembers only pieces and had very little control of his body and especially his legs.

“He fought entirely on instinct. It was the worst night of his entire career and he is coming back to prove he is a superstar fighter who just had a bad night.”

Martinez will fight either late this year or early next year against a quality opponent to see if he has anything left in the tank.