Shabazz Napier Unfollows LeBron; Deletes Tweets to Him


LeBron said there was no point guard in the draft better than Shabazz. The HEAT trying to appease LeBron, made some moves to get Shabazz on the team. Shabazz thinking he is going to play with LeBron makes him his first follow on Twitter and tweets him a few times.

Then you know what happened after that………


Shabazz smoothly unfollowed LeBron and deleted the tweets.

Petty? Maybe, a little, but definitely funny. All is not lost with Shabazz, he will be playing with Bosh, Wade, Deng and will be mentored by Mario Chalmers. That last part might not be that exciting, but I wanted to throw it in there any way.

4 thoughts on “Shabazz Napier Unfollows LeBron; Deletes Tweets to Him

  • He also just may have thought it wouldn’t sit well with Miami fans if he was still following and having old happy tweets ou there to LBJ.

    He needs to worry about Miami and Pat Riley’s feelings not Lebron’s.

  • Deletes tweets. Gets tear in eyes. what a fucking loser this guy is. Boo Hoo Lebron left Me

    • Clearly, you can relate, Frankenstein.

  • Perhaps he didn’t care who he plays with, but didn’t like how Lebron buddies up to him, knowing he wouldn’t be in Miami next year. Lebron my have been finalizing his decision but he knew he was returning to Cleveland a while back. I think he knew before the season was over.

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