Report: Dan Gilbert’s Letter Is Still An Issue For LeBron


As LeBron James prepares to head to Brazil to watch the World Cup finale in person, Chris Broussard is reporting that Dan Gilbert’s scathing letter from four-years ago could prevent Akron’s prodigal son from returning home.

According to Broussard, Gilbert’s letter is believed to be the reason James has been unable to make a decision about where he wants to play.

In the letter, written in Comic Sans font, Gilbert called James a “coward” and mocked the many nicknames and catchphrases attached to James, such as “King James,” “The Chosen One” and “Witness.”

The letter remained on the Cavs’ website for the past four years until the team removed it earlier this week.

While James recognizes that informing Cavs fans and Gilbert, who was told of James’ decision to leave Cleveland in a telephone call five minutes before it was announced, on national television was a mistake, he is still wrestling with whether or not to return to play for Gilbert’s team.

“If it wasn’t for that letter, this would’ve been done awhile ago,” one source said.’

Whether or not James and Gilbert have ever been able to speak and hash out those differences remains an unknown to most.  What we do know is that James has gone from a lock to return to the Cavs, to possibly breaking the hearts of Cleveland fans for a second time.


2 thoughts on “Report: Dan Gilbert’s Letter Is Still An Issue For LeBron

  • I believe that LBJ has the right to go to any team that he wishes, if he were to go back to Cleveland and play for that owner after that letter, I would lose a tremendous amount of respect for LeBron. That letter was akin to a slave master berating one of his slaves for running away. He treated LeBron like he was a piece of his property. And for LeBron to look past that, I just could not understand. Sometimes in life you have to make a stand. Some things are not forgive able, and in the moments that Dan Gilbert was righting that letter he was expressing his true feelings. As long as LeBron was making him money he kept those feelings suppressed, but once his “property” left, he felt he could let loose what he really felt about LeBron. And now he wants to pretend everything is ok because he see LeBron can make him money again, but deep down he still feels the same way. And if LBJ falls for that then he is not the man (black man) I thought he was. A man of principle and pride.

  • Craig,

    Really??? there are somethings that are just unforgivable. Is that what you just wrote? You must be kidding me, there are mothers and fathers around this great country that forgive people who murdered their children. It is written that you MUST forgive before you can ever be forgiver for anything. This is not a racist thing about not coming back to Cleveland like you want to make it. Its a business decision and it should be up to him and his family what he decides not a stupid letter that was written four years ago.. DID you ever say anything in your life while you were mad that you later regretted? I think So, so get off the letter and come to grips with reality!!!!!!!!!!!!

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