“Sources Say” LeBron to Cleveland 90% Done Deal


Miami Heat v Cleveland Cavaliers

Whoever is Chris Sheridan’s source, he is either really in the know or he is going to make Sheridan look really bad.

Either way, here is what the source is telling Sheridan how LeBron will announce his decision part deux.

A plugged-in source tells me there is a 90 percent chance that LeBron James will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it will be announced on www.lebronjames.com if it happens.

90% isn’t 100%, so the source can always say, well there was a 10% chance it wouldn’t happen. Common sense still tells me he wouldn’t go back to the Cavs, but we will know soon enough.

Might want to bookmark LeBronJames.com just in case.


  1. So Lebron James might go back and play for the man who publicly insulted him? Why? So he can be a hero in a city that trashed him when he left? So he can look good in the eyes of mainstream media? So he can please the fat guy name Barkley? I hope Lebron stays in Miami. If he goes back to Cleveland, I will be one of the first to criticize him!

    • AMEN 2 DAT! Dan left his letter on the site for 4 years. The fans even offered to pay the fine for Dan. F**K em right in the Pu**Y

  2. You are both wrong. Both Lebron James and Dan Gilbert handled business poorly. More than leaving the Cavs, James insulted his community and failed to manage his PR correctly. Dan Gilbert, while passionate about the community, expressed himself in an unprofessional and public manner. He was sanctioned by the NBA accordingly, so your grudges against the people of Cleveland are unnecessary. Finally, on the letter posting, it has been explained widely already that the document was removed three years ago. Brian Windhorst’s report was inaccurate. Please inform yourselves before embarrassing yourselves further and leave the people of Cleveland alone. With or without Lebron James, they deserve respect.

    • Damn, Kool Aid Drinker i agree with you completely!! Facts enough said!! Theirs nothing else to say to these dirt bags except NBA FIX and Cleveland Sux stop f**king hating so hard you haters. I see two d**kheads woke up this morning highly upset LMFAO!! Please get you”ll jealous ass of line! Go play in rush hour traffic!! GO CAVS

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