Sterling Says Doc Who Says He’s Mentally Incompetent Was Drunk

Donald Sterling Pimp

Donald Sterling has taken time out from wining and dining young ladies to try to fight the sale of the Clippers.

The reason his wife Shelly Sterling was able to take control was because he was ruled mentally incompetent by two independent doctors. Donald Sterling is saying one of those doctors findings can’t be trusted because she was drinking with the Sterlings after the exam. ESPN has the details.

Donald Sterling will argue that the findings of one of the doctors who examined him to determine his mental capacity was compromised because the doctor went out for dinner and drinks with him, his estranged wife Shelly Sterling and a family friend after his examination, his attorney Bobby Samini told on Monday night.

In court documents filed last week, Donald Sterling’s attorney’s claimed that “it was unclear at what point a medical examination ceased and a social interaction began, with the consumption of alcoholic beverages taking place.”

Interesting defense, don’t know if it will work, but might as well try.