Strip Club Offering Melo Free Lap Dances If He Re-Signs With Knicks

Russian Strippers

This might seal the deal.

TMZ provides the package details SCORES is willing to offer Melo.

— Free lapdances for life.
— Judging the “Dollars For Scholars” amateur pole dancing competition (15,000 scholarship in his name to the winner.)
— A new drink called “The Melo Carmelo” to be served in the club forever.
— His own personal ball girl and cheerleading squad for every Knicks game that would only cheer for Carmelo.
— A topless charity basketball in his honor (in which he could play) … “where holding is not a foul.”

Chicago’s The Admiral Theater also made offer.

— A life sized portrait of him with various girls at his feet to be on display in the club forever.
— A LaLa Anthony look-alike contest in the club that Melo and LaLa could judge as a couple.
— Free driver service to and from the club forever.
— 3 of the dancers from the club would tattoo ‘Carmelo Anthony’ on their bodies (they really said this).

Chicago’s plan is to get LaLa involved, not a bad move.