Study Shows That Cowboys Have NFL’s Best Fan Base

Cowboys 1

The Dallas Cowboys over the past several years, have become sort of an easy target for criticism, slander, and ridicule and a lot of it is well deserved. But no matter what new low “America’s Team” seems to sink to, the fan base remains resolute and faithful.

So its no real surprise that they have the NFL’s best fan base, or at least that’s what Emory Sports Marketing Analytics suggests.

In a repeat from last year, the Cowboys have the top fan base in terms of our “Fan Equity” metric. This is a measure of brand equity that is based on fans willingness to financially support their team. Our rankings are based on the average Fan Equity score for the last three years (please note that the statistical model is estimated using the last thirteen years of data). But Dallas is no one time wonder; the Cowboys have taken the honors for this metric for the last five years. Following Dallas, are the fan bases of the Patriots, Jets, Giants and Colts.

Here is the rankings of the best fan bases across the NFL according to Emory’s analysis.