Suns PJ Tucker Was Arrested for Extreme DUI in May

PJ Tucker Mugshot

In May of this year, Suns PJ Tucker was arrested for what is described by the Scottsdale Police as “super extreme DUI.”

Tucker’s blood alcohol content registered at .201 on a preliminary breath test in the field on May 10, according to Scottsdale police. A driver is considered legally drunk for a DUI charge in Arizona at .08 blood-alcohol content. A blood test administered after Tucker was taken to jail and later analyzed by Arizona DPS showed his blood alcohol-content to be .222, according to the police report. A super extreme DUI is .20 or more.

The police officer who pulled Tucker over described him as driving slowly through a stop sign, only to turn wide left and then back into the right lane. Tucker’s 2011 Mercedes was also noted for straddling two lane as it continued down the street.

Tucker had “thick and slurred” speech and “watery and bloodshot” eyes, according to the report, and the officer detected a “powerful” alcohol odor as he interviewed Tucker. Tucker told the officer that he was coming from the W Scottsdale Hotel, where he had one beer. During a walk-and-turn test, Tucker stumbled to the side and caught himself on a construction fence, the report stated.

If Tucker is prosecuted for the super extreme DUI charge, he will face a minimum 45-day jail sentence. The Suns were apparently aware of the incident when they decided to offer Tucker a 3-year, $16.5 million contract. No one from the Suns has commented on the situation, however.

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