Texas RB Joe Bergeron is Third Player Dismissed This Week

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Christian

First year Texas head coach Charlie Strong is playing no games in Austin.

Senior running back Joe Bergeron has found himself the third player released from the Longhorns this week by Strong. He dismissed defensive back Chevoski Collins and running back Jalen Overstreet yesterday for violating of team rules. He has ten days to appeal the dismissal.

Bergeron recently had to miss the end up spring practice due to academic issues, however Strong praised his efforts in working his way back on the team just on July 22 at the team’s Big 12 media day.

“…Then you get Joe Bergeron. He’ll be back in the mix, has done everything we’ve asked him to do, not only academically but just showing up doing those little things. When you take something away from a player sometimes and when you take something away that they really enjoy doing, then you can see a lot of change, and that changes very quickly if it’s important to them.”

Just three days after those comments, Bergeron has been dismissed. It is currently unknown what led to Strong’s decision to send him away, but it must have been something either drastic or repetitive.

Hopefully this young man can get his life together and turn his fortune around.

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One thought on “Texas RB Joe Bergeron is Third Player Dismissed This Week

  • The longhorns are going to be losers again this year since they don’t have the running attack they thought they were going to have this season. Once Strong let go of Bergeron it was instant death for the Longhorns since Brown and Gray aren’t doing much today against BYU. Their offensive line is like that of a high school team. The defense is doing their job to give up only 13 points, but the offense is not what they thought it was going to be. Put in Heard or lose this game.

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