The Melo Sweepstakes: Breaking Down Anthony’s Best Fits

Charlotte Bobcats v New York Knicks

With Carmelo Anthony finishing up his free agent meetings later today, speculation around the forward is that he will make a decision soon about where to continue (and possibly end) his All-Star career.

For Anthony, this decision will likely shape his legacy. While throwing around the “L” word is a bit overdone, it’s safe to say Melo doesn’t exactly have one of being a winner. Incredible scorer? Definitely. But winner? It’s tough to label a player that talented whose only made it past the first round twice in his career as such.

So Melo has two options in front of him. Either he can return to New York and try to fulfill the goals he laid out upon his arrival in New York in 2011. Or he can take a pay-cut and head to a team who may be closer to the NBA Finals than his current squad.

Let’s take a look at the teams Melo has met with, and which would be the best fit for the All-Star.


Chicago Bulls

Now we come to the one team many believe is the only real threat to steal Anthony away from the Knicks; the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago is a defensive-minded team in serious need of some scoring. Even when Derrick Rose is healthy, the Bulls struggle to put points on the board. Chicago needs a guy that can go out on the court and do nothing but light up the scoreboard.

Melo is a scorer in need of defensive-minded teammates that will allow him to play his game and not exert much energy on the other end of the court. At 30 years old, Anthony is never going to become a defensive-stopper, and he needs a team that let’s him do what he does best.

Seriously, are Carmelo Anthony and the Bulls not a perfect fit?

Let’s be real here, if the Bulls were able to offer Anthony as much money as the Knicks, this probably isn’t even a discussion at this point. Chicago is loaded with talent defensively and would have zero issue with Melo not being able to stop pretty much anyone on that end of the court. It’s what Melo does best that gets the Bulls excited; he can score as well as anyone not named Kevin Durant in the NBA today.

Having a point guard like Derrick Rose (who put on a private workout to show Melo he was healthy) that can attack the basket and a center like Joakim Noah that can pass as well as any big man in the league should give Melo optimal opportunities to score the ball at will. Defensively, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Noah will give Anthony more than enough support.

This is just a perfect basketball fit.

Melo Fit: 10/10


8 thoughts on “The Melo Sweepstakes: Breaking Down Anthony’s Best Fits

  • I respect this article, but you honestly didn’t do a thorough breakdown of the Mavs roster. What has Carmelo always wanted? To be on a “SuperTeam” like the Heat. Let’s actually take a serious look at the mavs roster say v. the Heat.

    PG Situation – Both teams have issues there.

    SG Situation – Wade v. Monta – While it might seem laughable to actually pick Monta, really look at the decline of Wade over the last year. He isn’t going to get any better. Give me Monta.

    SF Situation – Lebron v. Melo – Of course you would go with Lebron 100 times out of 100, but when it comes to scoring, Melo is on par with Lebron.

    PF Situation – Bosh v. Dirk – Bosh is younger, but given how many games Wade missed last year, he was 2nd in command. He averaged 5 pts less/game than Dirk did while grabbing the same about boards. 6/game. Give me Dirk even at 36.

    Center Situation – ? v. Chandler – Birdman may be back, but he isn’t a starting center in this league. Chandler is a top 5 center.

    Bench – Tossup

    Coach – Give me Carlisle everytime.

    X-Factor – Dallas will have at least $15mil next year to work with in cap space. If this team w/ Chandler makes it to the Finals, then they can resign Chandler to a more friendly deal and add another solid piece. If not, then with a small move, they would be able to add another max-level type player.

    The Mavs have as good of a roster to put around Carmelo as any of the teams do.

    Who knows if there is anyway that Rose can stay healthy for 82 games going forward. In order for them to offer anything more than $15mil, they would have to say bye bye to either Butler, Taj or both. If Rose goes down, it would just be Melo and Noah.

    Chemistry will likely be an issue in Houston if Melo goes there. There are not enough shots to go around for Harden, Howard and Melo. Not to mention if Parsons comes back and throw in a shoot first guard in Beverly. The thing that kills Houston is coaching.

    Give the Mavs a look again if you really are looking at fit and roster.

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