Tim Howard’s Heroics Can’t Save USMNT vs. Belgium in Extra Time (Videos)

Tim Howard June 2014

The USMNT fell 2-1 to Belgium in the Round of 16. It wasn’t a good showing for the US, as they lacked offense for most of the match, and saw goalie, Tim Howard, having to rescue the team multiple times. Howard had 12 saves in regulation and another 4 in extra time, making that the most saves by a USMNT goalie in World Cup history.

This makes the second consecutive World Cup that the USMNT has fell in the Round of 16. Although the Belgians were aggressive on offense and defense throughout the entire match, at the end of regulation it was a tie 0-0. In the dying moments of extra time Chris Wondolowski missed a dead-on goal that would’ve ended the match with a US win. Tim Howard made spectacular saves throughout regulation that made him look like a one-man show for the team. However, during the first few minutes of extra time, Howard saw execution from the Belgians that made it impossible to hold off anymore.

Kevin De Bruyne struck first for Belgium with a beautiful angled kick that was scooped up easily by the goal.

In the 105th minute Romelu Lukaku makes another brilliant goal that seemed to put that match away for the Belgians. However, there was no giving up for the USMNT. 19 year old Julian Green came in to the match, and scores an impressive goal with his first touch.

The USMNT had life, but it was all for not. Though they ended the match much more aggressive on the ball than they started, the Belgians were able to hold off and the final score of 2-1 had the Belgians advancing to play Argentina in the quarterfinals. This was the 9th World Cup match that ended 0-0 in regular, and although the USMNT fell short again, there is much to look forward to from this team in 2018.

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  • Very proud of the U.S. soccer team. Tim Horward was brilliant as usual.. I was really looking forward to the penalty kicks. I Believe we could have advanced on PK’s. nevertheless, NICE EFFORT. The tournament so far, has lived up to the hype. Best tournament in my lifetime so far. Hopefully, The U.S. will get to host again in my lifetime. P.S. I LOVE SPORTS.

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