Tom Coughlin ‘Pissed Off’ After Injuries During First Practice



Well that didn’t take long at all.

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has been waiting all offseason to get his team back on track after a down 7-9 season in which they missed the playoffs. So it only stands to reason that he’s already unhappy with players dropping like flies on day one of training camp. Aside from multiple players having to leave practice due to dehydration issues; veteran linebacker Jameel McClain was carted off with a potentially serious foot injury. When asked by SI’s Don Banks, if the rash of injuries on opening day of camp bothered him, Coughlin responded:

“Sure it does,’’ Coughlin said, when I asked if seeing so many players fail to finish a first-day practice takes the air out of a coach. “It pisses me off. After all this [meaning the long off-season program]. Then all of a sudden we’re going to have guys that can’t stay on the field for more than an hour and a half? But you know what, I’ve been on teams that I walked in the door [after practice] and they were all on IVs, or 50 percent of them were on IVs. But that’s something that did take place today, and a lot of them were these big offensive linemen. There were a few others, too, but the one I’m worried about was McClain. That’s the one I’ve got to find out about.’’

 Note to all Giants players: If you don’t properly hydrate, don’t look for any sympathy from your head coach. No coach likes to see players go down, but not many coaches will be as publicly gruff about things as Tom Coughlin will. 

Wouldn’t you be in a bad mood if your job status was habitually questioned every…single…season?

[h/t SI]


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