Tony Dungy Says He’s Disagrees With Michael Sam’s Lifestyle (Video)


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Many people disagree with Johnny Manziel’s lifestyle. I disagree with Dwight Howard not allowing his baby mamas all 8 of them not to speak in public they have children with him. DeSean Jackson’s perceived lifestyle is the reason he is with the Redskins not the Eagles now.

Your life off the field or court, will always be subject to criticisms fairly or not, so why would Michael Sam be treated any differently? When there is a societal hot topic, people are going to have strong thoughts. If you are players in the midst of that, you are going to get thrown in. The most important part is are your beliefs causing you to treat an individual as less than an equal?

Tony Dungy doesn’t believe in gay marriage or homosexuality. This isn’t breaking news, he has publicly stated that many times and it is even in a book he wrote, so what do you expect him to do when asked about what he thinks of Michael Sam’s lifestyle to lie?

He told the truth and there is nothing wrong with that, regardless of how you feel about the topic. For the record, I disagree with Dungy, but I am not so wrapped up in having the first take, I can’t intelligently see his opinion, disagree with it and go about my day.

I hope Michael Sam just like I hope every athlete I’ve ever known does well. But, there are going to be people who disagree with his lifestyle, just like there are people who is going to disagree with Manziel have 7 blondes with him at all time or RG3 having a logo. If he can play, it won’t matter. If he can’t, I hope he is treated as an equal and not given special privileges because he just happens to be gay, because that isn’t progress.

Here is what Dungy had to say in its entirety on the Dan Patrick Show.


  1. People who are calling for Tony Dungy’s head really need help . Micheal Sam gets screwed over the first one speaking out in helping him will be Tony DUngy.

  2. I’m not sure Dungy’s thoughts in regard to being gay a natural occurrence versus a choice but my assumption is he thinks it’s a choice. That being said, dude needs to get a little science study versus bible study. Manziel, chooses to be a douche. Jackson chooses to be an idiot and Dwight is schruting it. Sam is gay. His only “fault, deficiency, weakness” per like minded brains like Dungy’s’.

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