Two Fans Rush The Field to Snap Selfies With Balotelli (Video)


Despite a poor showing for team Italy at the World Cup tournament in Brazil and his AC Milan squad getting destroyed by Manchester City 5-1 during a friendly in Pittsburgh; Mario Balotelli is clearly still a fan favorite.

During the loss to Manchester City, two fans took it upon themselves to enter the “selfie olympics” by streaking Heinz field, running all the way to midfield to where Balotelli was standing, and snapping a selfie with him.

Here’s  better shot from one of the fan’s twitter pages:

I’m not sure what exactly the punishment is for an exhibition event such as this. Normally, during NFL games the repercussions include being arrested, fined, and banned from the stadium. Whatever punishment these two young men will receive, it will definitely be warranted. Although what they did was harmless and in fun; they should’ve known better than to illegally run on to the field with that’s going on around the world these days.

[h/t NAWAF, B/R]