Warren Sapp Allegedly Left $0 Tip on $69 Bill (Photo)


Warren Sapp F-Bomb NFL Network

We need to hear Warren’s side of the story.

Was the service bad? Did the waiter or waitress tell him Strahan was better? Did they ask him was he still selling his Jordans? Maybe it was a cash tip? Someone looking for 15 minutes of fame?

We need answers and by golly we are going to get them.


  1. FUCK THAT BITCH! I belive in tipping well, but lately,these food servers are coming off as entitled.The very idea that she feels she should embarrass a PAYING customer publicly should be cause her dismissal.I get so damned tired of these people in the service industry always playing the victim. Here’s a tip for you bitch-take your sorry ass back to school and get a better job.How much money should you get for carrying a tray of food from the kitchen to a table, anyway.

  2. See the “Boys don’t tip” Sapp scrawled on the receipt? Waitress probably said something in a friendly way like “What will it be boys?” and poor widdle Sapps feelings were hurt by such a “racist” word. Poor baby. (Or, most likely, using it as an excuse to be a cheap prick and not leave a tip).

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