Warren Sapp Says He Left a $0 Tip Because Waitress Call Him a Boy


Warren Sapp Rick Ross

We asked the question why would Warren Sapp leave a $0 tip on a $69 bill? Warren has spoken and claims the reason he didn’t leave a tip was because the waitress was disrespectful.

Warren is DEFENDING his non-tipping action — saying the waitress kept calling Warren and his crew “boys” — a term that pissed him off — so “the tip fit.”

Warren Sapp Tip

Sapp also says he went to the bar to watch the U.S. in World Cup — but LEFT before it started because “it was horrible and the service was the worst.”

That explain the note on the receipt.

Fair or foul?


  1. Clearly the waitress needs to be sent to sensitivity training at the very least if not fired and jailed. Al Sharpton should be on his way to picket that restaurant.

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