3 thoughts on “WNBA All-Star Game Off The Backboard Dunk Fail (Video)

  • What a small “man” you must be. You missed BG’s dunk, her 4 also in warm ups…the one Glory Johnson threw down the day before..and the fact that 15,000 people attended the game. Also the fact that it was broadcast in 206 countries. 18 years and going strong, and you still can’t just accept it and/or find some puppies to kick? Yup , you must be quite a ‘man’. Get a life.

  • If it was the NBA and a player missed the dunk it would still be on here as a dunk fail, so what’s your point lady?

  • Nobody watches the WNBA. Look at the ratings. This is a prime example of why it is a crap product and why no one watches it. I’d rather watch grass grow that sit through a WNBA game.

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