Avery Bradley on Rondo: “I Know He’s Happy Here”


Avery Bradley says Rondo is happy in Boston.

Rajon Rondo is set to become a free agent next summer.

It seems like Rondo’s name is always in trade rumors, but Boston reportedly isn’t making that a high priority at this moment. 

Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe wrote Sunday, as the team is more focused on trimming down its roster down to 15 players in time for the regular-season opener on Oct. 29. Rondo “fully intends on taking the LeBron James-Carmelo Anthony tour of teams” once his current contract expires at the end of this season, according to Washburn, and is unlikely to sign a new deal before testing out free agency. Washburn added that the Celtics have yet to determine how the 28-year-old fits into their future plans and are “intrigued to see him in action a full 18 months following ACL surgery.”

Everything could change around the trade deadline, since Boston wouldn’t want to lose Rondo for nothing in free agency. There may be a team out there willing to give a lot for Rondo because he could be that missing piece for a contender.

Rondo’s back court running mate, Avery Bradley, believes his point guard is happy in Boston, however.

“He has helped me a lot,” Bradley said. “It just shows, man, I just love playing with him. I know he’s happy here. I know he likes the whole organization and this is his home now and I know that he’s comfortable here and we’re all happy to have him here.”