Baylor QB Bryce Petty Shows off Huge Vertical (Video)


Bryce Petty is a guy that everyone will know about by the end of this college football season. Everyone knows about Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota but they tend to overlook the guy down in Waco, TX who threw for 4200 yards, 32 TDs and 3 INTs. Having just three INTs and 403 attempts is pretty impressive.

What is also impressive is what Bruce Feldman noted about Petty in his college freaks series:

The hulking Petty has linebacker’s size (6-3, 238) and a tailback’s burst and athleticism. He vertical jumps 38 inches, broad jumps 10-feet, 5.5-inches, squats 510 pounds and runs a 4.62 40. Over the weekend, Petty provided even more proof of his Freak merits to anyone around the Elite 11 camp in Oregon. Part of a series of challenges run by Team RWB, a group of Special Forces and career military men, Petty was a sight to see toting heavy sandbags up a hill back-and-forth for over a half-hour straight.

When Petty arrived in Waco, he weighed 214 pounds, had a 31-inch vertical and clocked in the high 4.8s. [Baylor strength coach Kaz] Kazadi said his workout numbers, despite being quite a bit bigger, rival the great RGIII in almost every workout area and some of his weight work. “If you wanted him to go to 250 and make him a defensive end so he was chasing quarterbacks, he could do it,” said Kazadi. “If you wanted to make him that old-school, over-the-tight end outside linebacker, he could do it. If you wanted to make him a tight end, he could easily do it. He can do all that.”

Then there is this video that Baylor posted on Instagram:

Do not be surprised when 1) Petty is in the running or the Heisman and 2) he gets serious consideration as the number 1 pick in next years NFL Draft.