Bo Pelini: Weed is “Out of Control” in Society



Bo Pelini has never been one to hold is tongue and that was evident when he went on a tangent about marijuana at a Nebraska function. Here are some quotes courtesy of

“Let’s face it, it’s not OK,” Pelini said. “I think everybody that’s our age, my age, hopefully understands that it’s not OK. It’s not good. It’s not good for you. And these kids do it on a daily basis and a yearly basis … and it’s a real problem out there.

“Fortunately for us it is not (an issue) in our program. But I can tell you around college football and college athletics … serious in college. I guarantee you walk into dorms nowadays and it is a horrible problem.”

Pelini at earlier times Friday was discussing the modern challenges that coaches face and what they see with players, families and backgrounds.

His comments about marijuana followed when he was asked to expound.

“I think it’s something in society we need to get fixed, but unfortunately they get bad information,” he said.

Tell us how you really feel Bo.