Boxer Jermain Taylor Arrested for Shooting His Cousin Multiple Times

Jermain Taylor Mugshot

The former undisputed middleweight champion was scheduled to fight for the middleweight title on October 8th against Sam Soliman. That seems very unlikely now.

ESPN has the details.

Minden said the police responded to a 911 call from Taylor’s wife, Erica, at around 6 p.m. CT.

“Mr. Taylor’s cousin and another individual came to his residence, and there was some sort of altercation,” Minden said, adding that the two who showed up at Taylor’s home were unarmed. “At some point, Mr. Taylor retrieved a handgun and fired several rounds. His cousin was struck multiple times. The cousin is alive and in serious condition at an area hospital. He has pretty serious injuries. The other person was not struck, but Mr. Taylor had fired several rounds and missed.”

Minden said that when police arrived at Taylor’s residence, he was “very cooperative with our investigators. He was very calm, and there were absolutely no difficulties.”

Seems a bit strange that Taylor could shoot a family member and then remain as calm as he did. Times have been rough for Taylor since being KOed by Kelly Pavlik to lose his middleweight belts. Several high profile losses including one brutal one to Arthur Abraham in 2009 that caused Taylor to have a brain bleed.

His career has been off and on since then, but never on track. His cousin is alive but in serious condition.


Amazingly, Taylor’s bail was only $25k and the judge said he is free to travel, so his fight will still take place.

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  • His house. If the two attacked him it’s his right to use lethal force to defend himself, family and home.

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