24 thoughts on “The Son of God & Jerry Jones Fondling 2 Ladies in Bathroom (Photos)

  • Much worse than donald Sterling, maybe the commissioner will force Jerry to sell the team…….PLEASE!!!!

  • If the comment attributed to Roger Staubach is really from him, as an retired Naval Officer I am ashamed for him, he should be better than that.

  • Why don’t all you people mind your own business. Let Jerry live his personal life his own way. There isn’t one man out there who wouldn’t live his life in the manner he wishes. It is his money, his ability, his belated sex drive, his life…stay out of the personal life of anyone. If you want to be critical challenge the hookers who are involved in a seamy way of life. With their multiple sex partners they can bring on a plague that will destroy mankind. I personally don’t approve of Jerry’s handling of his ownership of the Cowboys, but he owns it and he can do anything that is legal. Just as I don’t approve of the meddling of the various people regarding the name Redskins. There is something going on in this country that smells. Look out people there is a small group that is taking over. The master race is re-visiting us all.

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