Champ Bailey Doesn’t Want to Retire


The Saints may have parted ways with 15-year veteran CB Champ Bailey, but neither Bailey nor his agent feel that this is the end of the NFL road for the 12-time Pro Bowler.

“Definitely, and he is fully healthy now,” his agent, Jack Reale, told “He had a plantar problem, which is resolved, but he just missed too much time for the coach’s evaluation to be complete and unfortunately in the last two games they didn’t throw at him, so he couldn’t show his stuff. He is fine.”

The truth is that Bailey has missed a lot of playing time due to his foot injury, and at 36 years old it’s hard for teams to justify taking a chance that the injury won’t happen again. However, Bailey understand the dynamics of the NFL fully.

“Even though I’ve played 15 years, it doesn’t matter,” Bailey said last week. “Man, this is a production business. I think every guy going into training camp has to show what he can do. And, you know, I feel good. If they like what I do, then I’ll play a lot on Sundays. Plain and simple.”

Obviously for the New Orleans Saints, they answer was that they didn’t see enough in Bailey to keep him on the roster. Instead, they went with undrafted free agent Brian Dixon.

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  • Despite a foot injury, I believe the Saints should have kept Champ Bailey. He’s still a veteran with much knowledge of the game.I believe he can be a key contributor in this season’s run at a super bowl. They should rethink the situation and sign him Back. Patrick Robertson is not the answer

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