Chris Bosh Debuts Mr Nice Tie Collection



The NBA isn’t only about basketball anymore. Apparently the league is populated with some of the finest fashion gurus to ever hit the hardwood. The latest to bless the world with his fashion sense is Heat superstar Chris Bosh. Bosh came from being on the brink of leaving the Heat to becoming the team’s top earner. Now he’s feeling the need to impart his fashion wisdom with a line of ties called Mr. Nice Tie.

A lot of NBA players are known for their quirky sense of style, so it’s definitely a change to see someone who appreciates the classic male look. Bosh has partnered with Armstrong & Wilson, and his line has five traditional styles and five bow ties. The price of the pieces range from $105 to $130. Bosh had this to say about his tie concepts:

“We dress up a lot in the N.B.A., but it’s not always so serious,” he said during a phone call, “and I wanted to reflect that” while also being aware of “not just doing something I like,” but something that could attract a wide customer base.

“The N.B.A. is really, really heavy with fashion right now, and guys really want to see what we are all wearing,” Mr. Bosh said.

Bosh also admitted that he incorporates ties into his wardrobe at least two to three times a week and is often times teased by teammates about it. Well regardless of who wants to tease Bosh, he’s the highest paid player on his team and a newest member of the NBA fashionista club.

[h/t NY Times]