D Wade’s Ex-Wife Wants Judge Removed for Being Heat Groupie


Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife is back at the courtroom antics again. It seems there will be no end to Siohvaughn Funches endless battling with her ex-husband. The latest of Funches’ accusations is that she says that the Miami judge who has been deemed the enforcer of the her and Wade’s divorce settlement is too star-struck with the NBA star is be able to be impartial.

Funches is asking that Judge George Sarduy step down from the case immediately amongst her allegations of buddying up with Wade.

Lisa Marie Macci, Funches’ lawyer, argued that the judge introduced his wife to Wade after a recent hearing and had college students led by the daughter of a friend sit in special seats so that they could gawk at Wade.

Judge Sarduy has already denied the request last week, but this isn’t Funches’ first go around at trying to remove a judge. Another judge had already removed himself from the ongoing battle between Funches and Wade.

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3 thoughts on “D Wade’s Ex-Wife Wants Judge Removed for Being Heat Groupie

  • I wish they would have gave her court mandated psych help. She truly needs help and the court system is making a mockery out of the family.

  • She has the classic Angry Black Woman look.

  • this lady isn’t crazy! she deserves a fair judge. I hope she stick it to wade’s sorry ass

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