Donald Sterling Asks Courts to Block Clippers Sale


Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling will not go down without a fight.  The banished Clippers owner is now asking an appellate court to block the sale of his team to Steve Ballmer.


Sterling’s lawyers said in their request for a writ of mandate that if the sale goes through, “Donald will have lost a unique and irretrievable asset: a ‘trophy asset’ coveted by high net worth individuals around the world — one of thirty NBA franchises in the country, and one that under Donald’s thirty-year ownership has recently become one of the most successful.”

After news of Sterling’s latest stunt surfaced, Steve Ballmer’s lawyer, Adam Streisand, issued a strong statement against the embattled owner for prolonging the inevitable.

“We won this trial because Donald Sterling is on an egotistical crusade to destroy the Clippers if he can’t keep the team, and he can’t. We will win the appeal for the very same reason.”

If you look at Sterling’s history, it should be no surprise that he insists on exhausting all options before conceding defeat, but at some point he’s going to have to give it up.  At this point Sterling is only helping the case against him that he’s mentally unstable.