Eric Decker Wants To Prove He’s Not Product Of Peyton Manning


Eric Decker wants to be respected and he’s tired of hearing about how Peyton Manning is the reason he got such a huge deal from the New York Jets.

Despite accounting for 172 catches, 2,352 yards and 24 touchdowns in the past two seasons with the Broncos, Decker told the New York Daily News that he’s out to prove that he’s simply a really good wide receiver. 

“From Year 1 to Year 5 now, I’ve gotten better at my craft,” Decker told the Daily News. “I’ve become a better receiver. I’m not going to make assumptions because assuming doesn’t really do anything. In this league, you’re only as good as your last play. That’s what people remember. Numbers and statistics come and go away. And then you start over.”

Decker insists that he doesn’t believe in No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3 receivers, but the X’s and O’s truth is that defenses rotated coverage to second-team All-Pro Demaryius Thomas on the outside and attempted to bracket Wes Welker in the slot, creating plenty of 1-on-1 matchups for Decker, who proved that he could consistently beat single coverage.

One thought on “Eric Decker Wants To Prove He’s Not Product Of Peyton Manning

  • Sorry Deck. You are a good receiver, but you would not have those numbers if not for Peyton Manning. Bottom line, a receiver is only as good as the QB. If you had played for the Jets last year, you may have been traded due to lack of production. QB’s like Manning, Brady, Elway, Favre, and a few others made their living shredding defenses. That is how you got the contract with the jets. Let’s see how you do on an average team with a below average QB. You will catch passes and you will score, but your numbers will be nowhere near what they were with the Broncos.

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