Eric LeGrand Jokes on Twitter about Beyonce Performance, Twitter Goes Crazy


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If you watched the MTV VMA’s last night, you were amongst the millions that witnessed an amazing as usual performance from Beyoncé. Many people took to Twitter to express how amazed they were at the performance, including former Rutgers star, Eric LeGrand, who was ultimately left paralyzed after a play he made during a game.



LeGrand used a photo of himself when he sustained the injury, and people had mixed feelings about what he chose to portray.

Twitter’s reaction to the post wasn’t mixed, but many people seemed offended so much so that LeGrand had to use a follow-up tweet to explain himself.

The fact of the matter is that this is LeGrand’s injury that he has clearly come to terms with. Instead of expecting him to mope around and be depressed, we should all be applauding him for being able to overcome the shock and grief and choose to live with a positive attitude.

[h/t Complex]


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