ESPN Asks Ray Rice if His Wife Gave Pregame Words of Encouragement (Video)


File this under tone deaf. After the Ravens first preseason game Ray Rice was interviewed by Sal Paolantonio of ESPN. Sal asked Ray some pretty standard questions but then at the 54 second mark things got weird:

She always wishes me luck. And she always just says, ‘Go out there and do your job.’ That’s one thing on the football field, is that, it is my job. But this is the way I get to take care of my family. Everything that we’ve been through, that’s just something you can’t take for granted. So it was a blessing to be out here, and to get off the field healthy, but at the same time it was a great day at work.”

That is easily in the top 5 worst questions you will hear all season during an on field post game interview. The suits at ESPN might want to get together and hold a summit about how they want to handle Ray Rice going forward and pass the information down because they have failed so far. Also, imagine if this was Erin Andrews or Pam Oliver that asked this question and there would be all sorts of people saying they were incompetent.

Do better Sal.

2 thoughts on “ESPN Asks Ray Rice if His Wife Gave Pregame Words of Encouragement (Video)

  • Yeah it was a dumb question but Ray handled it well and gave a good answer. Hopefully this will end all those questions.

  • Suspension is a sick joke. Fired forever is a better punishment.It just goes to prove that sports are more important to people than a woman’s safety. Was she was pressured by the Ravens to accept guilt on her part? The NFL should be ashamed and Rice is a scum bag.

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